From now on available at Grand Piano Parts Distribution:

An unique system that is designed to make the piano or grand piano play on its own. This QRS system offers a migration path to the latest technology available. The user of the QRS system have the possibility to let their instrument play without a pianist.

The QRS system can be controlled by any smartphone or ipad. Just push the start button and your instrument will be able to play your favorite songs. 

The piano will maintain its unique sound and dynamics with the build in QRS system. The pianist will be able to play along with their favorite songs or improvise with the QRS system without changing the touch and other specifications of their beloved instrument. The system uses an online music library and contains the music of all your favorite artists. The library contains artists like Norah Jones , Elton John, The Beatles and classical artists like Rachmaninov and Beethoven aswell. The music library is updated frequently with the newest music and artists.

Your own professional pianist with the touch of a button. Pianos and grand pianos will come to life at Grand & Piano Parts Distribution.